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Happy National Aviation Day!

To properly celebrate such an occasion, we’re breaking out some ice cream to enjoy both on the ground and in the air. After all, airlines have been serving up ice cream in the skies for nearly as long as airlines themselves have existed.

So, what airlines are known for scooping the sweet stuff? Here’s a list of our favorites and their specialties:

American Airlines

AA is perhaps the most famous for their ice cream service, a sundae cart available in First and Business Class on international and selected transcontinental routes. The ice cream itself is Ben & Jerrys, the flavors vary but are usually crowd-pleasers like Cherry Garcia or Vanilla, and the toppings available range from nuts and hot fudge to fresh berries and whipped cream (or all of the above). The sundae tradition is an important one to AA, and not one to be departing soon.

Virgin America

It was only earlier this year that Virgin America took to Twitter to decide on a new flavor for an in-flight ice cream fix. In addition to Tahitian Vanilla, SF ice creamery Humphry Slocombe fashioned a specialty “Butter By Moodlight” flavor (brown butter and blueberry glaze) just for First Class passengers originating at SFO.


Many airlines may serve individual pots of Haagen-Dazs deliciousness, but the individual-size treats are notable on LAN for nearly always being Dulce de Leche flavor. Whether you grab one from the self-serve ice cream freezer in the Neruda lounge at Santiago International Airport or it arrives on your meal tray, the taste is designed to cal to mind local favorite foods like Alfajores.

Air Berlin

During the summer season of prime vacation travel, Air Berlin offers small, 120mL cups of ice cream in flavors like Bourbon Vanilla and Belgian Chocolate. The sweet treats come from a famous restaurant, Sansibar, on the German leisure island of Sylt.


As we just reported, Qantas has introduced a full gelato bar into their International Business Class lounge at Sydney International Airport. Although we’re not specifically pointing out an onboard offering, the arrival of gelato flavors like pink grapefruit, peach, mixed berry, coffee and chocolate is worth a delicious note.


In addition to Hello Kitty toilet paper in the lavatories, Hello Kitty safety cards in your seat-back pocket and Hello Kitty aprons on the flight attendants, your EVA Air Hello Kitty flight will include a meal tray of cutesy tasties. Save room for dessert, and the seasonal flavors of ice cream served in individual Hello Kitty cups.


It may not technically be ice cream, but the “Ice Milk” sorbet offered on Japanese low-cost airline Peach is worth the 360 JPY it costs for a cool, mid-flight refresher for your palate. The flavor is, naturally, a very subtle peach, and we found it the perfect way to end a quick onboard bento box lunch, while flying from the cute airline from Osaka, Japan to Seoul, South Korea.

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