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The FCC makes the right call on cellphones on planes

The FCC makes the right call on cellphones on planes

THE FEDERAL Communications Commission may permit airlines to experiment with allowing passengers to use cellphones in flight, officials said last week. The agency should do so, and airlines should get on with experimenting. Permission is not requirement; a change in federal rules would not necessarily mean the ruination of air travel for all time.  We sympathize with anyone whose immediate reaction is to recoil at the prospect of having to listen for hours to a loudmouth with unlimited mobile minutes. Air travel is uncomfortable enough. But the FCC’s move wouldn’t guarantee such an outcome. Rather, it would leave matters to airlines and their passengers, which is as it should be.

Washington Post, Editorial Board  http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/cellphones-on-planes-deserve-a-chance/2013/11/24/b94630ac-53c2-11e3-a7f0-b790929232e1_story.html

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