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The 787 Dreamliner Is Back: Where and When You Can Fly on One

The 787 Dreamliner Is Back: Where and When You Can Fly on One

Now that Boeing’s fix for the 787 battery problem has been approved by the feds, it’s time to get those airplanes back in the air. Here’s a roundup of the current plan from each of the airlines operating the 787 today. To stay updated on any future developments, keep an eye on Airline Route.

Air India
It looks like May 16 is the day the 787 re-enters schedule service with Air India, on the Delhi to Frankfurt run. Soon after, the 787 will begin domestic flights from Delhi to Bangalore, Kolkata, and Chennai. On June 1, it will start flying from Delhi to both London and Paris.

ANA is currently planning to restart 787 service on June 1. Other than several domestic routes, that day will also see the beginning of Tokyo/Haneda to Frankfurt on the aircraft. But the 787 won’t come to the U.S. again until September. On September 1, it goes on to Tokyo/Narita–San Jose. The next day will see the 787 return to Tokyo/Narita–Seattle.

It didn’t take long for Ethiopian to get its airplanes flying again. In fact, they’re already in scheduled service on the Addis Ababa–Frankfurt and Addis–Dubai routes. London gets the Dreamliner on May 8. Addis–Mumbai begins on May 15 with some intra-Africa flying beginning the next day along with the flight to Washington/Dulles.

Japan Air Lines
Like ANA, JAL will begin 787 flights again on June 1 with flights from Tokyo/Haneda to Beijing and from both Haneda and Narita to Singapore. That same day, JAL will resume 787 flights on the Tokyo/Narita-San Diego and -Boston routes.

On June 1, LAN will again begin flying the 787 from Santiago to Lima and on to Los Angeles. Madrid and Frankfurt will get 787 service from Santiago later in the summer.

Poor LOT found its first 787 grounded after its inaugural flight from Warsaw to Chicago. On June 5, LOT will try again by resuming that service. On June 7, the Dreamliner will start Warsaw–Toronto, followed by Warsaw–New York on June 30.

This Thursday, May 2, Qatar is bring the 787 back into service on the very short Doha–Dubai route. On May 15, it will go to London from Doha. Then on May 20, it will do Munich. Frankfurt will come on line May 26 with Zurich on June 1.

As of now, United is expected to resume 787 flights on May 31 with a short flight from Houston to Denver. On June 10, the twice delayed inaugural from Denver to Tokyo/Narita will finally lift off. That same day, the 787 will begin flying Houston to London. On August 1, the airplane goes on to the LA–Tokyo/Narita route as well as on Houston-Lagos. The very next day, it will take over flying the LA–Shanghai route.



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