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More Airlines have WiFi but most pax don’t connect

More Airlines have WiFi but Most Passengers Don’t Connect
Anne McDermott•April 5, 2013

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The ReadWrite site has a nice round-up of North American carriers that offer WiFi on planes, so passengers can peruse the internet. But do passengers really want to?

Live TV coming to Southwest

Airlines with WiFi on All Planes

First things first, though. The good news is, most U.S. airlines offer some WiFi but some have more service than others.

AirTran – All planes have WiFi
Virgin America – All planes have WiFi
Airlines with WiFi on Some Planes

Many if not most of these carriers say they plan to continue adding service.

American – WiFi on all 767-200 and 737 planes (and some others)
Alaska – on most planes for flights over the lower 48 states
Delta – WiFi on most domestic flights
Frontier – WiFi on Embraer 190 planes
Southwest – WiFi on more than two-thirds of its planes, expansion continues
United – WiFi on many transcontinental flights and more is coming
US Airways – WiFi on Airbus 321s and more is coming
Also, Air Canada has some WiFi but mostly on flights over the U.S.

Great airports for social media

Airline with No WiFi – Yet

At the moment, JetBlue does not have WiFi but it’s coming this year. As its website notes, “We’re on track to deliver the airline industry’s first inflight broadband service in Summer 2013 through a partnership with ViaSat.” FareCompare points out that despite not having WiFi, JetBlue routinely tops ‘best airline’ lists, again and again. Which brings us to our next point.

Find cheap flights now – with or without WiFi

Do Passengers Want WiFi?

Although many passengers say they want WiFi, one report estimates that only about 5 to 10% of travelers actually use it. In fact, the Australian carrier Qanta recently dropped its experimental internet service due to low demand.

Even some business travelers say no thanks to WiFi. Their reasons:

WiFi on planes can be slow
It can be relatively expensive (though prices typically start at around $6 for short flights)
Travelers say they just want to ‘unplug’ and relax

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