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Lufthansa and Virgin Australia launch in-flight entertainment streaming apps

by Samantha Shankman, Skift

Nearly all travelers that board a plane today are clutching a smartphone or tablet. Despite the movies or magazines offered by airlines, passengers are often glued to whatever pre-loaded content they’ve brought on their personal devices.

Lufthansa Systems, the tech consulting arm of the eponymous airline, has a new solution that aims to bring airlines’ in-flight content directly onto passengers’ devices. The BoardConnect platform allows passengers to view in-flight entertainment, order food and beverages, and browse the duty-free catalog all on their own mobile devices. The solution was created for short- and medium-haul flights.

Lufthansa also touts the easy installation that allow airlines to save money and decrease time to rollout.

Based on that, Lufthansa airline quietly released its in-flight iOS app called “my mediaworld” on November 30. The description says that passengers will be able to “access movies, various TV series, an air show, radio channels, destination guides as well as digital newspapers and magazines” on their Apple devices, and we’re awaiting more details from the company.


Virgin Australia

Meanwhile, Virgin Australia, which is working with Lufthansa Systems, is the second airline to launch an iOS app using the BoardConnect technology. The “In-flight Entertainment by Virgin Australia” app was released on December 13 and allows passengers to stream “blockbuster movies, hit TV shows, popular radio programs, and music to suit all tastes.”

According to Australian Business Traveller, Virgin Australia is testing the in-flight wireless system, which broadcasts over 300 hours of free media content via the app, starting this week. If the trial is successful, a fleet-wide rollout should be completed by the end of 2013.

Both apps also include “off-board” information with guides for airports and destinations. Internet access is not included with Lufthansa System’s BoardConnect platform.

 Original Article: http://skift.com/2012/12/19/lufthansa-and-virgin-australia-launch-apps-for-in-flight-entertainment/ 

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