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How to Get Gogo In-Flight Internet for Half Price with a Chrome Hack

By Ryan Whitman


There is no captive audience as easily exploitable as the one on an airplane. It is physically impossible for you to go anywhere else. That’s why you’ve been paying fairly exorbitant prices for in-flight WiFi through providers like Gogo. Well, a Googler by the name of Andrew Boni has found a simple Chrome hack that can save you nearly 50% on the cost of a connection. The only problem being that it’s not exactly on the up and up.

When you connect to the on-board Gogo WiFi network, you are always shunted over to the login page, where you can enter payment information in order to get at that sweet, sweet Internet. Boni noticed something strange when he tried to pay. On his phone, the single-device pass was $7.95. When he switched over to his laptop to complete the transaction, the fee was increased to $15.95.

It’s pretty clear what’s happening here. In much the same way mobile carriers treat tethering data differently, Gogo is charging more for using WiFi on a PC because it thinks you’ll use more bandwidth. Boni was a little miffed at all this, so he did what any geek would do: he changed his user-agent.

Popping open the Chrome developer console, he made his browser identify the laptop as a Galaxy Nexus $499.95 at Amazon Marketplace . Sure enough, the Gogo login page only charged him $7.95 for Internet access on his PC. He had no issue changing the user-agent back after completing the purchase.

Keep in mind that this is Gogo’s service to run as it likes. You’re not entitled to cheaper access on a PC if Gogo says you’re not. That said, selling the same product for different amounts based on the device you’re accessing it on is slightly shady to start with.


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