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Business Passengers Call for ‘Better WiFi and Improved Mobile Updates’

By Steven Thompson

Airport and in-flight WiFi is unreliable, limited and frustrating, a new poll of business passengers claims.

The survey urges airport and airline bosses to up their game when it comes to using the latest in mobile technology.

Only 30% of business travellers are satisfied with airport and in-flight WiFi, according to the survey.

An overwhelming 94% want their flight status sent to their mobile while two thirds want to be notified about seat upgrade availability and receive alerts when their flight is boarding, FlightView said.

More than 80% of those who have not had access to mobile boarding passes would have used them, had they been available.

Other highlights from the survey were:

– 70% want the power to rebook on another flight using mobile apps
– 57% want to view standby status and terminal maps on their mobiles
– 36% want to use mobile phones to purchase ticket upgrades
– 93% want the status and gate location of their next flight when connecting

Mike Benjamin, CEO of FlightView, said: “Business travellers, pressed for time, want access to new tools and technologies that make traveling easier and more efficient.

“Every time an airport or airline rolls out a new offering, it raises travellers’ expectations, which, in turn, puts pressure on others in the industry to quickly adopt and integrate new technologies.”

Air transport IT and communications specialist, SITA, said its most recent passenger survey, showed that the demand for free airport WiFi was increasing.

The organisation said 17% of passengers have used a mobile boarding pass and 73% would like to do so.

One third receive text messages changes to flights and two thirds would like to have them, SITA added.

Brenda Flinter, media relations manager for SITA, said: “When you look at what the airlines and airports are doing you see they have recognised the demand.

“Airport provision of services to passengers’ mobile phones is especially focused on easing their journey through the airport environment.

“Notification of flight status and delays on passenger mobile phones remains at the top of the airports’ mobile investments.

“Airlines are investing in passenger services via mobile devices.

“Beyond 2015, the smartphone and the website will be the dominant methods for passenger processing and nine out of ten airlines plan to engage with passengers through mobiles by 2015.”


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